2,5 Weeks After 42 Kilometer

Today it’s 2,5 weeks after Berlin, My first marathon. Still can’t believe I did it actually. Anyway….what happend after Berlin?

The first week I rested, until that sunday. That sunday was the first time I ran again.
A 5k race….due the public transport I was really late. I got there 10 minutes before the start, so already stressing out of my mind and using too much energy.
I ran with Ada and Daphne. Ada had some trouble with her legs due the lack of running the last weeks (she had to focus on important school stuff). So the plan was to stick together.
At the beginning I felt I ran to slow and had to hold back, later on I felt my knee was still a bit weak and this pace was good enough. The three of us ran it in 29:04….

After this I went to a running clinic with Lianne. Again feeling weakness in my knee but it got a bit better.

The second week I didn’t ran either. Did not trust my knee enough to go out already.
But sunday I had a half marathon to run! Yay! Fridaynight my knee started to feel much better, saturday I rested and sunday morning it felt really good.
Udjen was about to run the whole marathon in Eindhoven. Since the evening before it was raining, pouring…so we waited inside as long as possible and then we had to run towards the startingarea. For me a good test…what did my knee think about this? Well my knee had fun! I didn’t feel a thing! Knee happy. Me happy…

Udjen started at 10AM, my start would be at 1.30PM….3,5 hours to kill. I told Udjen I was going to sit inside, to stay warm. But then I thought no that’s no fun….I want to see her, cheer for her.
The 21km point was near so that meant I only had 1 hour and 45 minutes to kill before I had to be there and start pay attention to the runners.
I found myself a nice spot, there weren’t much people there and you had a good view on that part of the course. Suddenly there was Wilbert! He had to look very closely to see it was me who was yelling: Yaayyyy Gooo Wilbert! (or whatever I yelled…I can’t remember haha). Due the rain I was wearing my hood so I almost looked like a ninja 😉
Udjen could not be far and indeed…after 6 minutes there she was. I waited for her and then ran along a little bit. We just talked and laughed like she only just had run 1K or so. We wished eachother luck and waved goodbye.

Then it was time for me to get back and prepare myself for my run.

We started 15 minutes late but at 1.45pm I was running….yes! Like in Berlin I did not want to see my pace, my time or whatever….just run. It felt good, I did good, my knee held up good, the music was good….but then….my knee…..way much worse then in Berlin…in the 14th km I had to stop and I could not run anymore, later on I could almost not even walk anymore. I was fighting the pain, had to get myself to a first aid post at the 15km point. There they put an icepack on my knee and they didn’t want me to go on anymore. I promised to walk the rest, they agreed but I had to let the next first aid post know how I was doing, so they would know. I thought okay I’m gonna walk the rest….but then I felt colder and colder and I knew deep down that wasn’t wise either, you are still using that knee. And I didn’t brought my phone with me so Udjen did not know what was up, where I was and why it took me this long. And she had to go to a party aswell….
First I still thought I’m letting them know I’m still walking and get a foil blanket so I won’t get that cold….but then I thought no Udjen have to go somewhere, this will take me another 50 minutes and then I saw my arms…..they were already really really really white….so that all together made me decide to give up….I stept inside the tent, said I’m runner F2255, the guys of first aid point 15K wanted me to report so here I am….and then I started to cry…and had to say outloud ‘and I’m giving up’…

There were two more girls sitting there, just talking and seemed not that upset (I actually don’t know why they stepped out the race), there was a guy lying on a table getting massaged and there was me…..sobbing away….saying through my tears: it hurts so much to give up, I never give up.
After I guess 10 minutes the car was there to get us back.

All of this felt really awefull, the physical pain I can’t recall but the mental pain….

When I got home, I was really relieved to be home, I could not climb the stairs….I still wasn’t home! I just want to go home! Make this nightmare stop!
I live on the second floor, so I have two stairs to climb….pfff…..eventually I was finally home….and then the flood of tears came

When I was climbing those stairs I def knew I’m not running the half marathon of Amsterdam this sunday either. I really need to rest, need to let that knee heal. But there was no doubt in my mind I’m gonna be a part of that marathon. I’m going….to cheer….to be happy for my friends who can run and will run and to have a good time myself aswell.

On Tuesday Udjen and me went to see the Junkies. For Udjen to celebrate, for me to get some support. Yes crewlove was all around….

Today my knee feels much better, happy about that. So still a few weeks and then I guess I can dust of my beloved running shoes again ❤

She finished her fourth marathon in: 3:52:35


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