My first half marathon!

Last sunday I ran my first official half marathon!

Halve van Egmond

The Sunday before that I kicked my lazy self of the couch and ran 22,5 km (13,9 miles) just to see how that feels like….but this was my first race for the half. So excited and so terrified! Cause this half marathon isn’t just a half marathon….no it’s Egmond…..freaking Egmond….

In my highlights I have mentioned it many times, I know…but it is labelled as the thoughest half marathon of The Netherlands. It’s 3 km road, 7 km beach, 9 km dunes and ending with 2 km road again, in the freezing cold (well we were ‘lucky’ cause it was only freezing, there wasn’t much wind, the sun was shining, it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing….it could have been much worse)

When I was supposed to start we weren’t at the starting area yet. Walking to the starting area we saw Glen, also a RJ (Running Junkie), we all yelled HI to eachother, waved and he wished us luck (he was already done and a proud owner of his medal). But the time was ticking so we had to move on, luckily you can always start with another group, as long that group starts at a time past your starting time, not earlier….anyway….I started at the same time as Udjen. We squeezed ourself between the other runners, giggled a bit… annnnd we’re off!
Still talking a little bit and just kept together. And then we saw Cristiaen, another RJ passing us, so I speeded up and passed him. Just for fun, to say hi. Then went back to my own pace again and he was gone….
By the time we got to the beach I cut myself loose from Udjen….like.. she ran away from me aswell and left me behind….snif…haha…no I’m just not that fast.
So on the beach….well in the beginning you have to watch your step cause the footsteps in the sand are deep, later on it’s much better but still it’s hard. At this time I started to change my posture (not in a good way), I started to slack a bit and did not pull up my knees properly. Finally the beach was done, we had to ran the deep sandy footsteps again and went uphill to enter the dunes. Oh gosh I loved the dunes! Loved going uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill and just enjoyed the scenery. A bit sad I missed this, the wild horses running….wauw isn’t it amazing? So beautiful….love it
After 18 km (11 miles) I felt my left knee wasn’t that happy anymore. The slacking and the cold isn’t a good combo. It wasn’t painful but there was something happening. But too late to correct my posture, didn’t had the energy left to pull my knees up higher.
The last part we had to ran uphill again, luckily for me I already knew this so it was a bit easier then expected. And then…..the finish in sight….I was feeling happy….knew that I ran a great first half marathon even though it didn’t felt like it but I knew my time would be so so so much better that I thought it would be. I didn’t sprint at the end just went a little faster and I was feeling good. And then a thought popped into my mind:

‘No Eva don’t tear up, don’t be all hysterical about your results….it’s just a half marathon’

It’s JUST a half marathon??? What the…..are you freaking kidding me? So I think I’ve lost my mind somewhere in the dunes or on the beach…..apparently a half marathon isn’t all that. Yeah right….haha…let’s call it a brainfreeze 😉

(A brainfreeze and a kneefreeze… left knee was very painfull the first 2 days and in the 2 days after that it was getting better and better, today I can say it’s over….I think. In 2011 I was injured for a few months at that knee and I still can feel it a bit when it’s cold. )

After the finish offcourse Udjen was already there and she was talking to her trainer from the Dreamteam. I did not stretch so by then the cold was really setting in and when we went to get our medals both my knees were painfull.

Now it was waiting for Joanna to finish, she started a bit later then we did. Udjen and me got blankets to stay warm…well warmer…
We both got flowers from Mary….Joanna’s mini-me…ehm mine mini-me but it’s Joanna’s daughter…right….Udjen and me got ‘flowers’ from Mary….so there we stood….looking like bums in our old smelly blankets with a piece of grass in our hands.
Finally there was Joanna! We saw 3 silhouttes and I said: there she is! In the middle! Udjen could not see it yet and Pieter wasn’t convinced at that time. He said no I know how she runs when she is tired, don’t think it’s her. But it was Joanna, not that tired as we expected. Mary was standing on the track to cheer her mommy on. So sad and soooo funny…..Joanna came closer and was waving and laughing (Udjen already made the joke: oh offcourse, she made new friends. Referring to the guys Joanna was running with) and yelled I made new friends! Pointing at the guys besides her, so we were already cracking up. But then Mary…..she was waving and being happy and then Joanna ran past her…offcourse cause she still had to finish….but Mary thought: there is mommy, this is it…so she started to cry ahhhhhh    ah  ha haha hahahaha
Joanna, great mommy as she is, stopped, turned around, got Mary’s hand, ran further, then had to stop again, picked Mary up and carried her to the finishline.

Joanna & Mary

After this we finally made our way to the car, we were all freezing, well maybe accept Mary….little ball of energy and cuteness.

We had an amazing day. For the three of us it’s was our first time to run Egmond. For me it was my first half marathon.

We had so much fun and we did what we do best: creating awesome memories we can still laugh about for a long time.

Collage_ kopie

I’m really happy with my results, especially due the fact it was Egmond. I ran my first marathon & my first ‘Egmond’ in 2h10m41s

This really gives me a boost to run more half marathons this year and to train hard for my whole marathon in Berlin. Let’s do this! Let’s run 2013! Let’s make this and more count!


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