Mud Masters 2012


October 6th, 2012

Today is the first edition of Mud Masters in the Netherlands and Team Mud Crawlers is there!

It’s Saturday morning 7.02 and I wake up with a little scream and a gasp for air. I overslept so have to run out of my bed to prepare myself as soon as possible, that means no coffee and no breakfast. An hour later, Wesley and I are at Remco’s frontdoor in Amsterdam, we left Almere about 40 minutes before that. Around 8:30 we are at the Floriade site in Haarlemmermeer. Glen comes almost simultaneously, our team is complete.

After picking up our start numbers and changed our clothes we are ready for the start of Group Delta. Team Mud Crawlers is ready …. totally unprepared and arranged our teamshirts at the last moment. Enough reasons for excitement and a healthy dose of nerves.

There is the start, here we go …. Team Mud Masters is on it’s way!

Although it took us a little longer than 2 hours it did not feel that way. What a fun we had! And what a mess we are … hey didn’t we had white shirts?!

We have walked stairs, slid from many slopes, walked through many ditches with very cold water raising up to your elbows, we ascended muddy slippery slopes, we climbed nets, we brindled through the mud, climbed over walls, struggled us through mud-filled trenches, jumped on and over straw bales (climbed in my case), climbed smooth wooden constructions, tried to swing us to the other side using the Monkey Bars, ran through the thick smoke from the XXL BBQ, used 2 ropes a la Indiana Jones to cross the ditch, climbed a mountain of tires, walked /crawled over boards with plastic bins underneath which was floating in the water, we are zapped with the electric wires we had to ran through and have ran / walked / crawled / slid through  a lot of mud.

What a great day, I’m proud of our team!

Run2Day Amsterdam, thnx for the quick thinking and sponsoring of the shirts!


Our teamshirts before Mud Masters (the little cross that is standing in front of my name is to show this is my shirt and cause we think we are gonna die a little today)

We are ready for out start, wearing yellow poncho’s
04Got rid of the poncho’s and we are on our way!

05This was the second time we had to climb this hill (to slide of it on the other side) I had to grab hold on the grass cause I almost slipped

06We are still kind of clean here……we had to climb this hill many times after this second time

07Glen has almost left the Pirates Nest, we follow him (outside the frame)

08Arriving at The Battlefield

09Arriving at The Battlefield

10I’m the first to arrive this muddy field

11A little closer to the mudpool

12Wesley and me are getting ready crawl the mud

13Almost on hands and knees in the mud

14Wesley and me crawling

15Remco and Glen preparing to face the mud

16Remco is starting his mud crawling adventure

17Team Mud Crawlers arriving at the Walk of Fire. Glen is the only one who still can laugh at this moment,
Remco already had to leave due an injury, Wesley is injured aswell so he was in pain and me? I was sick and tired of that darn mud by now haha

18Yay! Warmth!

19Goody goody! Nice to feel the heat

20But that smell!!!!! Ugh!!!

21Walking through the cold water….we had to do this several times

22Our teamshirts after Mud Masters!



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3 thoughts on “Mud Masters 2012”

  1. Team Mud Crawlers are pioneers!!! So proud of you guys!

    I am breathless just reading how you all went through the obstacles.

    Looking forward to following your adventures, Eef!!!


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